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1. Get started


Ready to begin planning your event? Click on a date below to sign up for a training on planning a voter registration event at your high school. Choose based on your state or organization.

[Sept. 27, 2019 UPDATE: HSVoterRegWeek is wrapping up. Please check thecivicscenter.org for more information about doing an info session on voter registration. We will being posting dates for upcoming online sessions soon. Please email info@thecivicscenter.org if you have any questions!]


2. Plan an event


After you’ve been trained, you’ll want to gather volunteers, choose a voter registration event model, and nail down details, like date and time. Once you have these confirmed, you’re ready to sign up for HSVRW.

Fill out this form to provide basic information about you, your school, and your faculty advisor. Having a faculty advisor involved is critical to ensure you get the support you need from your school. We’ll send you and your advisor an email with lots of resources, and we’ll ask your advisor to confirm their involvement.

[Oct. 4, 2019 UPDATE: Now that HSVRW is over, you can use this form to register your school with The Civics Center, which will offer continual support for high school voter registration efforts throughout the year.]


The Civics Center offers support for planning voter registration drives throughout the year. Please register your drive above even if the date is not finalized so make sure it happens later in the semester. You’ll be joining students and teachers planning voter registration events in 27 states!

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3. Gather Supplies


After you’ve completed steps 1 and 2, your school will be eligible to receive Democracy in a Box. This will come with all the supplies needed to lead a successful voter registration event at your school. Expect stickers, posters, pens, clipboards, and more.

The first 50 schools to register their events will receive Democracy in a Box!


4. HSVR week


Now it’s time to pull it all together. From September 23rd - 27th, high schools around the country will host voter registration events to celebrate High School Voter Registration Week. This is your chance to make your voices heard. Bask in the success of your event and share the fun with us on social media! #HSVoterRegWeek #HSVRWeek

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High School Voter Registration Week is a project of


The High School Voter Registration Week Coalition includes

Want to join the HSVRW Coalition?


High School Voter Registration Week is an opportunity for organizations to work together as a coalition to create a national, annual tradition that prepares our country’s youth to make their voices heard. The primary ways in which the coalition will build HSVR Week together include engaging with student chapters, collaborating on social media content and branding, and collaborating on merchandise to send to drive holders.